Put a Smile on a face in Lusaka, Zambia while you are in Kenya or anywhere else in East Africa – Just say it through flowers!

Flowers are magical. They enclose within themselves the magic of spreading love and hearty smiles! Floral gifts hold the power to plant a smile on the face of your loved one in Lusaka, Zambia – even when you live far away in Kenya. Do you have someone in Zambia whose smile would brighten up your day today? Simply pick a bouquet from the Lusaka Flowers store, and your warmest thoughts will be hand delivered with all the love.

Distances can be hurtful. But rest assured. These lovely flowers will certainly bring you closer to your dear ones. Send your thoughts across from Kenya to Zambia – let the flowers of Lusaka whisper your love to your precious ones!

There could be many reasons as to why you want to gift flowers to a dear one. People use flowers to express love, support, apology, remembrance or just to send a warm wish through. Flowers also make lovely gifts during celebrations like the Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Easter. They are perfect for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries too. Special days like Valentine’s day, Friendship day, Mother’s day etc. also see lots of flowers – roses, lilies, sunflowers, daisies or gerberas – delivered to the dearest people making the days a bit more special.

Would you like to bring the smiles on too? Are you ready to spread the cheer and love? You will find all the right options in our online flower shop – curated just for you. Be it the boxes, vases or bouquets that you prefer, we have them all listed. Do have a look!

Lusaka flowers fun fact – Did you know?
Did you know that the tradition of gifting flowers has been recorded as early as in the Greek and Roman mythologies? The the Chinese writings and the Egyptian hieroglyphics also mention the exchange of floral gifts. Clearly, flowers had been the messengers of the heart for thousands of years. Could there be a better way to say that you care? If you say it with love, it has to be with flowers.