Rumors of an impending wedding for famous Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rampant. The glamorous couple have almost certainly begun discussing wedding details and making decisions about the where’s, when’s, and how’s. They may have even gone so far as to book a location, plan wedding attire, and choose a cake flavor. But have they chosen a florist yet?

Choosing a florist for your wedding is certainly one of the most important decisions you can make for the event. Because your wedding guests are likely to see the setting for the event before they see you, the flowers you choose can set the tone for the entire day. For example, if your wedding is a very formal affair, traditional flower arrangements in muted tones and elegant styles will convey this to your guests. However, if you’re having a relatively informal beach wedding, you’ll probably want looser, more brightly colored designs. It is your florist’s job to help you make decisions about your wedding flowers and develop designs that will reflect your personal style and the feeling you want for your special day.

Finding the right florist can be a confusing task if you’ve never had occasion to work with a florist before. Your florist should be someone you’re comfortable talking to, whose opinions you trust, and who you’d consider continuing to turn to for your floral needs even after the wedding. The Society of American Florists recommends you look for the following in your florist:

Find a florist that offers a good mix of products, a high level of service, and the types of designs you find most appealing. To do this, you’ll want to ask your florist to show you pictures of flowers they’ve designed for other weddings and special events. If you don’t like what you see, keep looking.

Great customer service is key to a good floral experience. Your florist should be willing to spend time with you and get to know what you like and dislike. They should ask plenty of questions and really listen to your answers. They should also offer helpful advice. If you feel rushed or uncomfortable, this won’t be the right florist for you.

Look for a florist with fresh, good quality flowers. Your florist should carry only the best flowers and floral products. They should offer flower food with all arrangement purchases and be full of advice on floral care.

Work only with florists who are part of a professional affiliation, such as FTD, Teleflora, or the Society of American Florists.

Choosing the perfect florist may take some time and require a lot of footwork, but proper selection of the florist who best meets your style and needs will make selecting the wedding flowers themselves infinitely easier. The time you spend in searching for a florist will be made up for in the beauty and quality of the flowers for your special day. Just remember, your florist should be friendly and willing to help regardless of whether or not you’re a big star like Angelina Jolie.